A person slapped Pawan Kalyan and Actors in Public

A person from south India said that youngsters were addicted to the movies and they were always praising actors.

This person said that youngsters should concentrate for the development of India and not for life of actors.

He also said that actors were playing with life of public. He said actors were making money of the people. He said to follow great legends who fought for the freedom.

He said not to follow the actors follow scientists who made public life better. He also said that soldiers were the best persons who were guiding us. He said to praise soldiers instead of actors.

He also said that he is not scared of any one. He said about his details in the video. He is from south India at present he is living at Delhi.

He got angry due to the words from the fans of actors. So he made a video and published it in the net.

Source : Telugu News 7

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