9 Reason to watch Kanche movie

Kanche is a tollywood movie directed by krish.

Starring : Varun Tej son of Nagababu from mega family. The teaser and the trailer of the movie were released and explained us the way the film is going to be.

Story is about a soldier love story. A soldier for the nation. The story might be about the life of soldier who will fall in love with a girl in his village.

The villain in the story loves the same girl.




The story might be in this way and some war scenes about soldier might be added to the movie or the movie completely depended on soldier in border and his love story might be the little part of movie.

These two kinds of story were running in fans mind at present. Coming to the reasons to watch Kanche movie are.

Kanche 1

Kanche 2

Kanche 3

Kanche 7

Kanche 5

Kanche 6

Kanche 4

Kanche 8

Kanche 9

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