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9 Magical Ways To Boost Your Android Mobile Speed

9 Magical Ways To Boost Your Android Mobile Speed

Plenty of smart phones are slowed down due to the small mistakes made by the users. In this article we are going to explain 9 Magical Ways To Boost Your Android Mobile Speed.

Tips to Boost Your Android Mobile Speed

  1. Mobile speed depends on the ram and processors. So in this article we are going to explain you how to boost you ram and make it to use properly. Read the tips carefully step by step to know the ways to boost your mobile speed.
  2. Phones which had less ram must delete some useless applications or old applications and user must clean cache from the phone to get some free space in the mobile. The more free space we have the better mobile functions.
  3. To clean the applications and clean the cache from the phone go to settings then go to apps/application manager and then choose the app for which you want to delete the cache. You can also choose the apps which you want to uninstall in the application manager. This helps to improve your mobile performance. If you want to keep an app which you are not using. Make sure to clear the cache so that it will not run in the background.
  4. Make sure your app is up to date. Using an outdated app may not make your mobile function properly. With the proper updated app the function of the smart phone will be better. So if there are any updates of your mobile apps make sure to upgrade them. If you want to check for the updates then go to play store and you can find the option in your apps category.
  5. Its better no to use unauthorized apps. Apps without a proper authorization will make your mobile to slow down. Don’t root your mobile for unauthorized apps. It’s better to use the apps with good fame and use only google play store apps.
  6. If you are using any APK version of unauthorized apps. There are plenty of chances that your mobile may slow down. So make sure to delete this kind of apps so that your mobile will be in safe hands with proper working system.
  7. You can disable few inbuilt apps which you got through the mobile. There are some default apps in the mobile which you cannot uninstall. Even though we don’t use them the apps can’t be uninstalled. Make sure to disable these apps so that they won’t run in background and drain your battery.
  8. It’s better to use class 10 memory cards rather than normal once. The faster the data transfer leads to less usage of battery power. So make sure to have a good memory card with you.
  9. As said in the previous point. Do not download any of unsafe content from the internet. I am not saying only about apps this includes all type of content. Whenever you download something from the internet. Make sure the file is safe to use.

These are some of the tips to make your mobile run faster and have better battery usage. These tips will surely help you and we practically worked on it. Thank you.

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