8 Wireless Charging Gadgets To Charge Your Smartphone Without Cable

Wireless Charging Gadgets

Wireless chargers brought a new trend in the charging technology and are improving day by day. These made the charging facility simple. They are not completely wireless, but free from a cable connecting your phone to the socket. You can just place your phone on its pad which feeds your battery to its optimum levels.

So, you may not use this statement “Oh! My phone Died!!” To use this specialty you must check whether your phone supports wireless charging, if not why are waiting, switch to the wireless chargeable mobile phone.

Here are some of the top wireless chargers for your Android or iPhone under 25000:

  1. Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery Charger

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The external battery charger works with all Qi wireless devices (which includes iPhones and Android phones). This product comes with a two-year warranty so, you can use this product for a longer time.

  1. Senior Wireless Charging Stand

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It is one of the most highly rated products on the famous online shopping site.  The product has a better outer look and will be more convenient to handle. Its stand allows charging Qi-enabled phones in both directions i.e vertically and horizontally. The device is built with exclusive technology of Automatic Temperature Balance, which does not end up your charging process like a burning process. Its charging speed is 15 times faster than ordinarily wired charging.

  1. Samsung Wireless Charger Stand

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Samsung is at the top position in providing Android phones with trending technology. It is one of the best-looking devices and is rated with four-star by its users. Qi-enabled devices can be charged by simply placing them on the standing part of the device. The product design is made perfectly for tables or desks.

  1. Anker Fast Wireless Charger

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Anker is well-known for its durable and quality products. This device charges any wireless-chargeable device. Its charging power boosts depending on the device that is going to be charged. This device provides an uninterrupted 5W power.

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  1. CHOETECH Wireless Charging Pad

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This device is more convenient to use, It has a Qi-based pad, a light glows which helps you in placing your phone at the right location. Its design is best suited for tables or plane surfaces.

  1. You tech Wireless Charger

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This is one of the cheapest wireless chargers and got satisfactory reviews by its users. It is compatible with Qi-enabled devices to get charged. The special feature of this device does not heat up during the charging process.

  1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

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This is one of the fastest wireless chargers and is highly rated charging pad. This boosts charging process to achieve optimum levels of your battery in short span. This device made in collaboration with Apple. It is enriched with anti-burning technology which maintains the temperature of the device.

  1. Ravpower Wireless Fast Charging Pad

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It is Qi compatible charging pad which works with Android devices, Apple latest iPhones, and Smartwatches. This device can provide an output up to 10W power. It is one of the fastest, most portable and consistent wireless chargers.

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