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8 Months old baby was raped by 28 year old cousin. Rip humanity!!

8 Months old baby was raped by 28 year old cousin. Rip humanity!!

Yes what you have seen is true the incident took place in Delhi. An 8 months old baby has been raped brutally by his 28 year old cousin.

We have seen many issues hurting women in Delhi but this is a painful one. Every citizen of India was shocked by this incident. We are requesting the government to take severe actions upon such cases so that it may create some fear among the people who think so. But the results are disappointed and the results by those people are worse.

Coming to this incident it took place in shakurbasti in Newdelhi on Sunday. The private parts of the baby were heavily injured and she has undergone a 3 hour surgery. The doctor says that her condition is a bit critical and she was kept in the Intensive Care Unit.

8 Months old baby was raped by 28 year old cousin. Rip humanity!!

A report published in TOI says that the mother of the child was at work when the incident took place. At that time the culprit’s mother was taking care of the child where her son rushed into the house and took the baby to one of the room where he raped her. The baby’s mouth was closed very tightly so that no one can hear her screams. When the baby’s mother is back to home she found the baby bleeding. She immediately took her to the hospital where she came to know the truth.

When the accused was taken into custody at first he refused to accept his crime but later on investigation he accepted his crime and a case was filed against him under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) and relevant acts of Indian penal code.

Now this will be a black day for India. This type of incidents makes sure that humanity is going to be vanished in humans. If you were the who would punish the accused inbox us what punishment will you give to him. And keep following us for latest updates.

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