7 Golden Rules For Intraday Option Traders For Making Guaranteed Income

7 Golden Rules For Intraday Option Traders

Trading strategies are becoming much harder with the growing competition in the market. It’s being so hard to calculate a stock for intraday. Even the best traders in the world choose long term instead of intraday. There are plenty of trading strategies like Renko, Candle charts, Hiekenashi etc. It’s not so easy to earn guaranteed payback in intraday trading. Here in the article we are going to explain the minimum risk investment process in trading and Guaranteed long term payback options.

7 Golden Rules For Intraday Option Traders

Intraday Option Trading: Most of the people would like to trade options to get jackpots. Well! That doesn’t work always unless you have a great calculation over market movement. Traders usually prefer options in weekend. Mostly bank nifty is traded on the weekends to get high profits. There are traders who usually go long on options which gets them higher profit or loss.

Tips to remember if you are trading intraday options

  1. Invest only after completing all the proper calculations over the stock.
  2. Calculate past few days market movement.
  3. Do not blindly buy or sell the stock.
  4. Know weather the market is effect by news or not.
  5. Try to follow market trend instead of going against it (Only for intraday).
  6. Calculate the RSI simple strategy before investing.
  7. Never ever be miser (Book the profit once you are in positive zone, Don’t try to get more and more profit on the same call unless you know about the stock properly).

Disclaimer: These are the suggestions written on our own experience. We are not responsible for profit or loss of any traders.

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