6 Important Things You Need to Consider Before Buying an MI Phone

Things MI user must remember

6 Important Things You Need to Consider Before Buying an MI Phone. Xiaomi(MI) smartphone maker  which is one of the best seller in India is offering great deals on smartphones under NO.1 MI FAN SALE. Obviously the offers will be as attractive as previous sales but we are already at the end of 2017 and the new year is going to begin.Now, here is the question “whether i have to go for the sale or not?”  if I am then what are the things i should keep in mind. before going to the sale here are few things you should consider

6 Important Things You Need to Consider Before Buying an MI Phone

MIUI 9 (operating system)

we are in 2017 and the smartphones like redmi 4 and redmi note 4 which are on sale have been launched with MIUI 8(marshmallow) and later on updated to MIUI 9(nougat) which is launched this year. GOOGLE  has just launched the latest android version oreo and 2018 is going to be all about oreo.So, the upcoming MIUI 10 will be based on android oreo.If you are thinking to buy redmi 4 or note 4 i would say that you will definitely regret the decision because we have already seen the teaser(china) featuring redmi 5 and 5plus which are obviously coming with MIUI 9 out of the box and there are leaks of redmi note 5 spreading on the internet.As always they can be upgraded to the one next version i.e MIUI 10.so it would be best to consider them

Everyone wishes to run their devices smoothly and stay updated to enjoy the latest features of android, don’t they? but for this to happen their software should be the latest.


Buying a budget smartphone  means comprising on camera. Xiaomi which is famous for its affordable smart phones fails in this aspect. redmi note 3 has 16 mega pixel(rear), it’s predecessor redmi note 4 has 13 mega pixel(rear) and redmi 3s which has 13 mega pixel(rear) and it’s predecessor redmi 4 has 13 mega pixel(rear) as ever front camera is 5 mp for all these devices.If you are a big camera fan then you can go for redmi y1 and redmi y1lite which is embedded with 16 mp(front) and 13 mp(rear).

Storage and RAM of MI user


With the increase in features, apps are occupying more space and consuming more RAM.This leaves less space for the system to operate and makes difficult to multitask.MI devices come in different variants like 2/3/4 GB RAM and 16/32/64GB internal memory.There is no immediate cause to opt 64GB but in the long run 16GB may not be sufficient. so it would be better to choose at least 32 GB variant.

Processor of MI mobiles


The speed and performance of a smartphone depends on the processor.Low end or mid range smartphones are generally based 400 and 600 series snapdragon processors.the processor you choose depends upon your daily usage and activity. If you are not a heavy user then 400 snapdragon would be the best choice.if you are a gamer then it would be better to choose 600 or above snapdragon processsor. Commonly inbuilt snapdragon processors in Xiaomi are snapdragon 435,625 and 835.

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We have seen the next generation bezelless smartphones from samsung galaxy s series and MI MIX. we thought Bezelless smartphones were limited to few flagships but companies like HUAWEI are launching bezeless smartphones in mid range price.So, we can expect 2018 will be all about bezelless smartphones.If you are curious and picky about your screen you will have to wait for few months.

Battery of MI user


The most important thing to consider while buying a phone is battery. Xiaomi phones have 3000 or above mah battery.Xiaomi is the best when it comes to battery.MIUI optimization reduces battery consumption in MI phones.If you prefer long battery you can go for MI MAX2 which has 5300 mah battery

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