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5000,000,000,000 Rupees UAE is going to invest in India

modi visit to dubaiHowever, Narendra Modi, the first Indian prime minister to visit the UAE in 34 years.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits Capital of United Arab Emirates on 17th august, 2015.

He aims to improve cooperation between the two countries on energy, security, trade and investment-related matters.

The meeting was arranged at an indoor basketball court for over 500 workers who were living in one of the biggest labour accommodations in the capital, which has a total population of 28,000 workers from different nationalities.



Not only about investment UAE also declared they are going to allot place for hindu temple.

These steps by Modi sir will make relationship between countries much stronger.

Outstanding speech is delivered in world class forum in Abu Dhabi, Dubai by honourable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. He has clearly explained India’s growing economy along with tough stand against terrorism.

He outlined India’s progress and growing relation with neighboring countries! His hard strike was on Terrorism and war against Terror. Really appreciate the support of crown prince of UAE for India. Allotted land for very first temple in Abu Dhabi !



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