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These 5 Reason Might Make You Angry After Watching Bahubali 2- The Sad Truth

Bahubali 2 is highest collected movie at box office in India right now. Well ! we can also say that the movie is most loved one in recent times. Even after a week public are being much interested in watching the movie again and again. I am one of them. 5 Reason Might Make You Angry After Watching Bahubali 2.

One thing let me clarify you. These were the reasons that made me angry after watching the Bahubali 2

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5 Reason Might Make You Angry After Watching Bahubali 2

  1. Even the movie length is around 3 hours, still it is short. In my view the movie should have another part with deep explanation. Well ! we know that its not so easy but this thing made me sad.
  2. Not even a single minute of the movie is boring. I am not interested in leaving the theater after the show. I want to watch it again. ( Rajamouli sir – Why are you so awesome)
  3. Rajamouli sir tried to explain the movie in time but to cover the characteristics of important characters in Bahubali. The movie time isn’t enough to cover everything.
  4. The movie created another world. Now we need to know depth of the world Rajamouli created. So lets make other parts with explanation sir. We are waiting for that.
  5. Each character of Bahubali is amazing. In an interview Rajamouli sir said that each character have there own background story and the books of the character explanations will be released soon. (Now we are also expecting a movie for them)

Sorry if I am wrong but these 5 points made me sad about Bahubali. I want this world to be continued for a long time.

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