5 main Characterizations Between Lord Krishna and Lord Rama from History!

5 main Characterizations Between Lord Krishna and Lord Rama from History!

According to the Epics and Purana’s, Lord Vishnu has Recarnated different avatars to defeat the bad and support the Dharma. 5 main Characterizations Between Lord Krishna and Lord Rama from History!
Of those avatars, two are prominent and had various similarities and differences.


5 main Characterizations Between Lord Krishna and Lord Rama from History!


RAMA: Rama is the son of king Dasharath and his first wife, Devi Khousalya. He Along with Laxmana, Bharatha and Shatrugnya in PUTRAKAAMESTI YAGAM. Rama was elder of them. He was equally loved by his three mothers, Khousalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi.

KRISHNA: He was the son of Devaki and Vaasudev. Devaki was the sister of Kamsa. Kamsa was very cruel and for his sins, his downfall and death was in the hands of his sister’s eighth child as said by vidhatha’s source. He decides to kill all those children and makes Devaki a prisoner. He kills all the seven innocent kids immediately after their birth. The time came for the eighth child as he is Lord Vishnu vasudev replaces that kid with the female child of Yashoda and Nanda with the help of Vaasudev. Thus Krishna grows up as a child of Yashoda and Nanda.


RAMA: Rama was a Noble kid whose eyes were filled with pure love. He is unconditionally loved by his family, his people and especially by his father.

KRISHNA: Krishna was a very silly kid; he always brought naughty troubles to Yashodha by his actions. When she approaches him to punish, his magical eyes and words makes her love Krishna even more such was his majesty and magical soul.


RAMA: As king Dasharath has a curse that he will lose his lovable child and dies with that pain, he doesn’t allow the four prince to stray outside. Guru Vashista taught the four of them in the palace itself. Later on the request of vishwamithra, he allows prince Rama and prince Laxman to go and learn about the divine weapon Training for the destruction of Tataki and her slaves.




KRISHNA: Krishna went to gurukul. His teacher was saint Sandipani. Later with the help of sage Gargacharya Krishna performed reforms for casts and society his naughty pranks and musical charisma made the whole students his followers and tight friends, even the animals couldn’t resist responding for his ear lusting music. At those pranks there were few Demon’s killed by him while the study itself.


RAMA: Rama loved every human, his self less love to everyone could win anyone’s heart. He is called as EKAPATHNIVRATHUDU cause of his one love, one wife , one arrow and one word principles. His eternal love was only on SITA they were Inspiring the world showing how a couple should be with and without each other.

KRISHNA: As Krishna was naughty, he had a great following of girls, who were called as GOPIKA’S. His first love was RADHA in brindhavanam. He spends a lot of time with her in teenage. But they get separated as Krishna leaves for Dwaraka. Later he marries Rukmini and 8 others including Sathyabhama. According to Purana, he has 16,000 gopikas which defined him outrageously romantic.


RAMA: Rama killed Ravana as he kidnapped Sita and also for his evil deeds. Apart from killing demon and maintaining promiscuity , he also stands as an idol by following various policies and following his father’s words without an argument. He is also called as MARYADHA PURUSHOTHAM RAM. He showed the path how a human need to live following dharmas and humanity performing his own duties and also implemented those in his real life.

KRISHNA: Krishna killed various demons sent by Kamsa. He kills Kamsa and establishes peace in Dwaraka. He helps Pandavas in KURUKSHETRA in defeating Kauravas. He shown the path for them but never participated in the war. Krishna shown different ways of being truthful but haven’t implemented them.His Bhagavath Geetha to Arjuna defines the whole meaning of his birth, living and dying , also the entire mythology of his creations which were scripted by Veda Vyasa Maha Muni.

“Atheists or Theists one will definitely agree with thoughts of their true sense of living a life though their existence or living were myths or not.”

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