4 Crores for Nayanathara 2 Hours

Top most Actress will have more following in the society and attraction between youngsters. Actress Nayanathara is one of the old and best actress in present generations. Even at this age she is one of Glamour actress and had demand in movie productions. She acted in many of the movies which gained her much fans from the movie lovers.




Usually the remuneration of this Actress is around 1 to 2 crores according to the role in the movie and screen presence. Actress also gets amount from other multinational companies to make them to act in their products.

Actress Nayathara recently launched a shopping mall and stayed their for 2 hours. There is a talk that she took 4 crores for 2 hours of her stay in the mall. There is no clear evidence for this news. 4 Crores for Nayanathara 2 Hours .

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