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25 Crores for 25 Seconds

Rajamouli is a successful director and increased his craze through out the world with the film Bahubali. Now he is busy in work with Bahubali part 2 and he even said that Garuda is the next project. Garuda film budget will be around 1000 crores. Their are no such huge producers available in tollywood right now. To bring the producers from other places Rajamouli is going to make the teaser of Garuda film. The teaser budget of this film is said to around 25 crores. Presently with 25 crores a film can be made with a big hero but Rajamouli is making a Teaser of 25 seconds with the budget of 25 crores. Thoughts of Rajamouli, His thinking and way of making film is really awesome. All the best Rajamouli sir From Team Being Legends.

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