21 Ultimate facts you won’t believe until you see it

Ultimate facts you won’t believe until you see it.

1. In Terminator 2, Arnold only spoke 700 words and was paid 15 million dollars. That means each words costs more then 20,000 dollars.

2. A 99 years old man discovered 96 old wife having boy friend in her 30 had gave her divorce at the age of 99.

3. Japan Has Indoor man made beeches.

4. Before Thomas Alva Edison death he came out of coma and said it is very beautiful there.

5. Fuggerei is a German village, where the house rent is constant from 1520’s.




6. Shakira was not allowed at her school music class, Because her music teacher though that her voice is not good enough to sing.

7. 21 Indians fought to dead against afghans in 1897. It is considered as great history last standing.

8. If you see a rainbow circle around sun or moon. Then there are chances of storm.

9. Single tea spoon of honey is made by eight bees in their life time.

10. I phone costs only around 200 dollars to manufacture.

11. Pineapple has capacity to eat your mouth you put them for a long time in mouth.

12. Throwing mobile phones for a longer distance is official sport in Finland.

13. In very rare cases it is possible to see 360 degrees rainbow from airplane.

14. Titanic movie won 11 Oscar awards, Not even a single award for acting.

15. Panda researchers wear panda costumes so that to be safe and move with them.

16. The worlds largest living being at present is Jelly fish named “Lion’s mane” is longer than blue whale.

17. Astronomers grow their own food in space station.

18. Elephants fall in love and can die of broken hearts.

19. Once in 1911 Niagara  falls completely froze.

20. In Thailand police officers who break the law will be punished by making them to wear a kitty arm brand like hello kitty.

21. Women are allowed to fly airplanes in Saudi Arabia but not allowed to drive cars.



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