The Average Cost Per Hiring Lawyer In United States

Most of the lawyers are hired for cases such as homicide, criminal attempt, illegal business. As we know the cost of hiring a lawyer in the united states is very high. Most of the lawyers of country U.S.A are really busy dealing with many cases as the issues to deal with has increased drastically from the past. Hiring a lawyer to solve the crime cases are quite high than solving normal social cases.

Most of the lawyers of the united states of America can expect very high income. In some cities such as empire state and silicon valley in san Francisco demands lawyers for dealing with there business cases even for high pay.

The average amount to be paid for hiring lawyers in the USA:

Corporate Lawyer: 170,000 nb $ per year

Personal Injury Lawyer: 120,000 $ per year

Estate Lawyer: 150,000 $ per year

Public Lawyer: $ per year

Criminal Lawyer: 51,810 $ per year

Family Lawyer: 70,850 $ per year

Civil Rights Lawyer: 200,000 $ per year

Military Lawyer: 50,000 $ per year

Internet Lawyer: 40,000 $ per year

Government Lawyer: 150,000 $ per year

Immigration Lawyer: 100,000 $ per year

Hence this is the average pay for hiring a lawyer in the USA. The salary of the lawyers is quite high. Although there are many lawyers who can deal with the case and expect to get a lower salary than the above they may not be as perfect as other lawyers.