Outbreak Of Corona Virus | 2020 Medical History Fear

Coronavirus, a completely different level of destruction of human life. In 2019 December there was the first victim of coronavirus in china. The virus did enter this world in the past years there was no drastic effect of coronavirus on human beings. The severity and infectivity of this virus were quite low and due to the mutation of the virus, there is very high growth in severity and infectivity.

There are lots of medical experiments and laboratory research to cure the virus but due to the mutation of the virus, it’s quite difficult for the doctors to cure it and find prevention for it. If this is going to continue without any cure then there is going to be a lot of medical expenses and most of the medical insurances of the people will be spent on hospital. In the history of medicine, this virus can be one of the competitors for some egregious diseases. Though most of the medical labs, government and doctors are working on a way to put an end to it the odds of happening that without losing people is quite low. The coronavirus is 4 of its type its also called nCov 2019.

We can expect a good outcome from medical research and the hard work of doctors who are working on the virus and hope for the best.