Is There Going To Be Alternatives For Gas And Electricity?

As there is going to be a lot of development In the future on different sectors which makes the life easier and luxurious there will be development of production of gas and electricity. As we know electricity is the basic elemental need for our daily as well as gas and there are some alternatives for them in the past but they were not useful as  much these so the use of them were diminished.

However finding alternatives for them is going to make quite development for the future society and if there is any chance of finding a better alternative materials to produce gas and electricity then that might make the use of electricity and gas easier. There are lots of houses in the present society which are without electricity and gas. Even though the price of electricity and gas is affordable the rural areas citizen are unable to afford it.

By finding an alternative for the production of electricity and gas it may low the price and increase the production of it. There are lot of people who are trying to find the alternative for the production of electricity and gas. As we know the production of electricity are possible in many ways such hydroelectricity, thermal electricity and many more  but still the production of it doesn’t enough power to light up every city in the world.