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How your 2018 is going to be – check your fortune by Selecting an Emoji ????????

Fortune teller by Emoji psychology

This year 2017 might have been hectic for a few and prosperous for others.It’s very well known that quite a bit of luck can change many things in life.whatever has happened till now doesn’t matter because you can’t change things happened in the past.So party hard this 31st and welcome the upcoming year with a positive attitude.Like every year 2018 will be prosperous only for few.So, if you know you are not one of those fortunate guys beforehand you can be alarmed and deal with obstacles head on.By this I don’t mean the rest should sit and relax  luck doesn’t amount to success every time.It only makes your path easy for example : If every one at your company is assigned a task you might get an easier one with the same pay as others but you don’t get paid unless you work.

here is a method to check out if you are fortunate from what you have selected on your whatsapp

every emoji from the following has its corresponding fortunate

How your 2018 is going to be – check your fortune by Selecting an Emoji ??????????

? finance : you do not end up with huge profits but you will get more than what you invest

relationships: you have a thing for relationships this year if u love some one, then this is the time to do it

health : there will be times when you get bedridden this year due to the immense pressure on you

education : in this aspect things will go your way. you will get good results.

fame : this is pretty much related to the above in three respects you

? finance : there will be moderate loss for you this year

relationships : be aware of your surroundings your friends influence your relationships

health : you will be healthy and hygienic

education : there will be obstacles to overcome things won’t go your way. you will get on only if you work hard

fame :one in ten respects and acknowledges you efforts

? finance : huge profits are awaiting you this year

relationships : do not engage with girls, things won’t go your way

health : you will be affected by minor diseases like flu except for that you will be healthy

education : you will get good results but you screw up the tiny things

fame : two in three respects you

? finance : be careful while investing, luck doesn’t favor you this time

relationships : you will find the one you desire

health : you will be perfectly alright the whole year

fame : one in ten respects you

? finance : your family saves you during tough time, at the end of the day you will be in moderate profits

relationships : you will be in healthy relationship with your woman.New relationships wont’t last long

health : things won’t go your way, you will be dragged down by your unhealthy habits

fame : 4 out of ten respects you

? finance : you will be in losses this year so try hard luck is not your side

relationships : don’t engage into new relationships

health : you will be healthy most of the time

fame : 2 out of ten respects you

? finance : you will get moderate profits luck is in your favor but aim for higher profits

relationships : you have the most luck among these emojis in this aspect

health : you will be bedridden at least twice this year

fame : 3 out of ten respects you

? finance : you will get used to business be aware of your peers they will affect your profits

relationships : you do not have any luck in relationships this year

health : you will be healthy and immaculate this year

fame : you will be respected by 5 out of ten people

? finance : huge profits await you this year but don’t let it get to your head

relationships : you have moderate luck with relationships. if you already have women cherish moments with her

health : health is not your thing this year you will get sick quite a few times

fame: trust me you will be respected by most of the new people you meet

?finance : you will barely make it to what you have invested

relationships : you will have luck in finding your woman

health: you will be healthy and clean

fame : 5 out of ten will respect you

You are going to have the greatest luck ahead in 2018. Share the article with your friends.


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