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16 Best Websites to Buy and Sell Second Hand Cars

16 Websites to Buy and Sell Second Hand Cars

In India buying a car is one of the biggest dreams for a middle-class man. Common people choose to buy affordable cheap cars and India is mostly filled with such people. This can be proved by the data given by a recent survey which found that almost 3.3 million units of pre-owned (second hand or used) cars are bought every year which is more than new cars by 20% i.e, if 4.7 million cars are bought every year 1.4 million of them are new ones and the remaining are used cars, which indicates most of the common people prefer pre-owned cars because these days available pre-owned cars are used for a max of 5 years but you can buy them at half of their price which benefits buyers. But one has to be careful while buying a car, he has to check if the car is in proper condition and choose the car based on his requirements. Most of the people opt online survey for this and buying a car from online sites is more profitable as it is quick and you can choose over a wide range of cars. If you choose to buy offline you do not find many cars nearby you and you may not get the best deal out of it, if you do get then you are very lucky as the probability for that to happen is very low. When it comes to choosing a car online there are lot of websites out there, here we have mentioned a few of them which are worth looking at. here is the sorted list based made based on a variety of cars available, best deals, security, and assurance.

16 Websites to Buy and Sell Second Hand Cars

  1. Cardekho
  2. Carwale
  3. marutisuzukitruevalue
  4. Cartrade
  5. zigwheels
  6. Olx
  7. Droom
  8. Autoportal
  9. Cars24
  10. Edmunds
  11. Justdial
  12. Quikr
  13. Mahindrafirstchoice
  14. Gaadi
  15. Adaalo
  16. spinny

Out of which the first four are very reliable and satisfactory the remaining are good but not up to the mark but it is better to check at least the first 10 websites. While adaalo and spinny are mentioned in quora when checked were found with fewer cars, so they are not better options. Most people buy Maruti Suzuki cars in India as pre-owned cars which are budget-friendly and cheap. If you want to buy a Maruti Suzuki car you have to visit since all the cars are checked thoroughly by the professionals at the company. If you want to buy luxury cars then it is not an option since it does not have a variety of car companies.

Carsdekho, carswhale and carstrade have a variety of cars from which you can choose. All of these have filters liked customized best deals based on customer and other filters like the age of the car, owner(1st or second as such), transmission, body etc..

If you want to buy cheaper cars than these, look for a seller nearby offline. You can visit quikr or olx also but most of these do not have extended warranty which is an important thing and they might not be well serviced in some cases and there can be a lot of ownership issues. If you choose these options, be careful while changing the ownership status of the vehicle. If you are looking for luxury cars bigboytoyz ,, carsdekho, carstrade are best options.

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