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13 Tips to Unleash Yourself when You are Knocked Down

13 tips to growth in life

Motivating Yourself Multiplies your Success….,

13 Tips to Unleash Yourself when You are Knocked Down:

1.)Try to make your own time table,so that every activity make you energize mentally and physically.
2.)Try to own good habits departing the bad ones.
3.)Try to find the best in you and get more satisfied with it , love yourself.
4.)Take a book and a pen then write the weaknesses and strengths within you and then try to gradually decrease your negatives(weaknesses) and increase your positives(strengths) day by day, Keep analyzing yourself.
5.)Try to avoid being lonely by speculating with others and sharing your thoughts with friends,family,neighbors ;Be Expressive.
6.)Importantly try not to compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about,Your life matters.




7.)Try to stop thinking too much in deep it just makes you a maniac and not professor.
8.)Try to smile because you don’t own all the problems in the world, You are far better than many.
9.)Try to listen devotional songs in the early morning like Gayatri Mantra,which is all about bringing light into the mind to dispel the negative energy fields and unconscious moods they enlighten divinity and concentration.
10.)Try to make peace with the past so it doesn’t spoil the present,past should be like escalator going up not a stone sliding down.
11.)Most importantly,put in mind ” what others think of you is none of your business”.
12.)Try to do Yoga daily which can refresh and regain our energy levels,Re spirit yourself.
13.)Motivating ourselves should mean “Creating our own wings to fly”. i,e.,our ideas,imagination,skills,knowledge,wisdom.


Article by Swathi Reddy

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