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13 Best Tips to play Clash of Clans Epic Strategy Game

Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans is the most loved game among people using mobiles. The Game Clash of Clans is one the best construction and attacking epic strategy game. Each stages of the game will be better and more interesting. Most of the players would love to play the game. All they need to know is. Tips to play Clash of Clans Epic Strategy Game.




TIPS (Best Ways of Playing)

  • Best things first : Don’t rush with your town hall. Increasing in your town hall level with other defenses and army members may not be good. In this case it will effect the resources to your village.
  • Choose the best base design : Having a perfect base can bring good position at level in the game.
  • Select a best Clan : Having best clan team helps to improve as soon as possible.
  • Upgrade camps first then defenses and troops. Upgrading camps will help you to gain more 5 troops.
  • Attack only if you get sufficient resources. Attacking on Useless bases won’t help you in any way to grow.
  • Maintain a perfect trophy level : your opponents will be paired according to the trophy level Maintaining a perfect trophy level will help you to grow faster.
  • Upgrading walls : even upgrading walls is the hardest thing. It need to be upgrading along with town hall level so that the base becomes much stronger.
  • Always participate in Clan battles : Participating in Clan battles helps players to grow easily.
  • Being Active : Playing at most of the time will easily increase your resources and will help to grow much faster.
  • Observing Top bases : Observing top bases will help you to get a good idea in the game.
  • Upgrade defenses first before upgrading any other.
  • Upgrading most used troops in lab will help you much in battles.
  • Last but not least save your gems don’t waste them for useless things. Try to have 5 builders.

This were the 13 Best things a Clash of Clans Players should follow. I am sure that this will help him to grow faster. I anything is missed please tell us. Other will also know them.

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