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11 Pictures Which Stays as Nightmares for Swimmers

This post is not for a swimming pool swimmers but it will relate to the ocean, river, lake swimmers and surfers. Stay strong before you watch the images. Lets continue.

1.Wait! Let me chase you.

2. The more deep you go, The more you are gonna explore. I am talking about the ocean tunnel.

3. Do you feel Jelly fish are cute. Have a look at this.

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4. Do you like to play with underwater snake. Here you go.

5. Okay! I don’t want to fish anymore.

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6. Hey you wanna swim with me?

7. Peace, Meditation. No worries this fish doesn’t harm you.

8. One gulp is enough for your size.

9. Lets have a snap mister Octupus.

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10. Okay! No more surfing here.

11. Don’t panic! Thats just algae.

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