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11 Best Android Apps For Smart Life in 2018

I assure you are going love this article. All the articles we pick here are free to download from play store. Which apps to choose in a limited space mobile is the biggest question amount the Android users. Here are some of the most useful Apps we put on the list. These Apps differ from the regular popular Apps you use in your smart phones. In the article, I am going to provide the url to app. You can easily find the apps in the url with the link.

11 Best Android Apps For Smart Life in 2018

1. Fake GPS Location

With the help of Fake GPS Location app, You can easily fake the location of your mobile. This helps to handle the apps which ask location permission.

2. Notification Launcher

Notification Launcher helps you to put your mostly frequently used apps and contacts at a specific location. Saves a lot of time and helps in quick access.

3. Firefox focus

This browser is something like incognito browser. This doesn’t keep your search records and history. This helps in booking the flight tickets at cheaper price. (If you visit the flight booking sites multiple times the price will get higher but this browser will help you to book at correct price.)

4. What The Font

Who isn’t the font lover. If you want to find out what type of font is used in an article or in certain picture. Just upload the snap of the font in What The Font app and know it instantly.

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5. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you to write without mistakes. This app will find out whatever the mistakes you write in mail or in other social media like Whatsapp. This helps you in correcting the grammatical mistakes.

6. Canva

Ever though of designing something like a brochure from your mobile phone. Canva helps you in making great designs of wedding invitations, brochures and much more.

7. Timbre

The easiest app which helps in cutting, joining audios and videos. You can manipulate any kind of audio and video in your mobile phone with the help of Timbre app.

8. Article Reader

Bored of reading the content. This app helps you out in reading what the content you want to listen. Just submit the url link in the app and listen to the words in the article.

9. Checky

Want to know how much you are addicted to your mobile phone? Checky app helps you out in finding how many times you open your mobile everyday. It helps you to track your on time in the mobile.

10. Datally

Want to know which app is draining your mobile data. Datally helps you to track the amount of data used by each app. It also helps you to block the data service for certain apps.

11. Office Lens

Scan any kind of document, photo, white board, paper and convert them into pdf or image format. This app has the intelligence to remove background shadows and make the pictures look like scanned documents.

These are my best options of useful Android apps. I haven’t mentioned the mostly used regular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. The apps listed here are less known and mostly useful. Hope you love the article. Sharing is appreciating us. We will write more best content in the future. Please do subscribe to our newsletter. Have a great day.

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