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10 Types of students we find in colleges

Types of people in colleges

College days were the most beautiful days in our life. We find most of our friends in college days of course even girl friends. We had many friends with different characters. So who are the most interesting characters among them, 10 Types of students we find in colleges.

1.Party beggars: There might be any reason. Good one or bad. These guys will surely ask party.

2.Class bunkers: These guys will be mostly seen on roads, movies or at any other places except in class room.

3.Buildup girls: This category member’s always think about boys. Mostly shows offs in front of their batch that they have more following.

4.Responsible kids: This kind of students speaks only when the two friends of their batch fight.

5.Stunt kids: Attends all college parties and fests then shows off at his own college as he got invitation.




6.Flirting kids: Always tries to impress girls with their words. Mostly they come to college for their crush.

7.Lecturer slave: Serves lecturers in the ways possible to get good impression from them. Mostly they do to get good marks in internals.

8.Universal Brother: All the girls in the class will call him as brother.

9.Makeup girls: This kind of girls has most ego than any other girl in the class. Feels like Barbie girl.

10.Buildup kids: This category member will have nothing much talent in them but always say he can do anything and feels like an official.

Tell us if we missed any of the interesting characters.

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