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10 Types of people you meet on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Being legends

Most of the internet users use whats app.

Now a days it is the most commonly used messenger among all the other applications.

These messenger has many features like smileys calls and many other.

This applications is downloaded more than billion members.

So let us move on to 10 types of people we will meet in whatsapp.


1.Updater : These kind of people were mostly seen in the groups of Whatsapp. They will update us with the things happening in our society with messages. They will send messages on each an every update which might be useful or useless

2.Recharge guys: These people send messages about recharge apps and silly message about free recharge. This kind of people were mostly seen in whatsapp now a days.

3.Daily wishers: These people will wish you early in the morning and before sleeping( Good morning, Good night).

4.Sympathy guys: These kind of people keep their status to get sympathy among people.

5.Detective persons: These kind of people see each and every activity on groups and visits many profiles but they don’t reply on groups.




6. Flirt kids: These guys were very fast in replying girls in the group or in personal chat. Always tries to get attention from the girls.

7. Sensitive kids : These kind of people will leave groups and change their status for simple and small misunderstandings.

8. Mediator : These guys will talk to the people who fight in the group and act like he is trying join their friendship again.

9. Birthday wishers : These people will change the group name on each persons birthday to wish them. These guys are a bit different they will only wish on their birthday but will not care again from the next day.

10. End card guys : These persons are very interesting they don’t read messages or don’t join in the conversations but after completing group conversation this guys come and texts LOL… OK…

Hope you enjoyed this article . Tell us if you know any more types of guys.

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