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10 tips in summer to stay hydrated

Summer Tips

As we know summer is going to scrape out our energies and the patience out of each and every individual,it may be the most possible season for dehydrated deaths every where.To help ourselves to stay hydrated there are 10 tips to stay hydrated.

10 tips in summer to stay hydrated

1.Try to take more water as water is the direct source of staying hydrated and body persists and resists maintaining balance in enzymes.
2.Try to avoid going out if at all its needed instantly finish the work and find a shade.
3.Repetitive bathing due to sweating causes dehydration too better avoid it unless u feel uncomfortable.
4. Try to recharge yourself with a glucose drink , a neat sip of it gives instant energy.
5.Natural hydrating drinks like Lemon juice(sharbath) and Lassi(Curd water) also refreshes the mind and cools once inner stamina and resistance.




6.Wear cotton clothes , sometimes even the dress matters to have a balance in external and internal temperature balance.

7.Stay aware of the food u intake , as their is max possibility of bacteria to gain over in hot summer.
8.Get plenty of sleep while it’s required to make your mind concentrated apart from the irritations of summer climate.
9.Limit your consumption of alcohol and cigarette and other addictive stuff for a while.
10.Avoid travelling or Touring as it’s merely dangerous to maintain a balance in a continuous dehydration issues.

After all “Health is Wealth” makes sense for everyone to stay Alive.
These tips keep yourself limiting to certain healthy adaptive

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