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10 Things You Should Be Careful With Your Girlfriend

10 things to remember with your girlfriend

1.That Women Is So Hot

Don’t praise other girls when you are with your girlfriend. They may feel jealous as a women never accepts the beauty of other women. So be careful and hold your tongue when you see a beautiful girl while you are with your girlfriend.

2.I’m Busy Right now !! Call you back

Never ignore your girlfriend whatever may be the reason. That may affect your Relationship. If so immediately  try to convince her  for the reason why you are busy and make sure that she is convinced.

3.Baby You Have To Reduce your Weight

Praise her beauty even though she put on weight. but don’t blame her or suggest any gym to reduce her weight. That will be the most embarrassing one.

4.Planning a dinner with parents

Never involve your parents when you are out for a dinner. She may feel uncomfortable with their presence of your parents. Better plan some lonely candle light dinners.

5.Don’t be late at Night.

Finish your work as early as possible and return home quick. What ever may be the reason they are not going to accept it.Being late to home is the most irritating part to your soulmate. So try to be early to home and make some time to spend with her.

6.Reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Always have control on your alcohol limits. Don’t be so alcoholic as many of the women hate it. So avoid going to home if you are drunk.

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7.Having a baby within a year after marriage.

Now this statement creates lot of problems in your earlier days of relationship. Most of the women avoid having a baby within an year after the marriage.

8.Asking about her Virginity.

Never ask your girlfriend about her sexual past. This may lead to a cheap discussion and hurts her a lot. So avoid asking her about her sexual past.

9.Making comparison with other couples.

Never compare yourself with other couples. They may have special moments but every moment with your partner is a special one to you. So comparing with others may disappoint your partner a lot.

10.Talking about your Ex-Girlfriend.

Girls don’t like praising others comparing with them. So never speak up about your Ex-girlfriend whatever may be the situation It can hurt your present Girl friend.

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