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10 Kinds of students we see in an exam hall


The saddest part in a student’s life is writing exams. Here are around 10 Kinds of students we see in an exam hall.

You might have experienced with one of this character or you might be one of them.

10 Kinds of students we see in an exam hall.

1. Simplicity candidates: These students don’t carry pens, pencils, erasers, scales and other. They will carry only one pen with them for exam.

2. Pressure students: These students are much worried about results and will maximum try to write their best. Not by studying but by copying.

3. Super fast guys: Shouts and disturbs the whole exam hall by asking to distribute question paper. After getting question paper they will try to leave as soon as possible.

4. Confusion kids: These kinds of student don’t know what to write in the answer sheet. Even they get a doubt that from which lesson the questions are given.

5. Late comers: These students will attend the exam hall after distributing the question papers. And then asks invigilator for permission to enter into exam hall.




6. A minute readers: This group of people studies before 10 minutes of the exam. And behaves like a topper in front of exam hall.

7. Slip masters: These guys carry slips in with them. And looks like completely intelligent person until invigilator finds them.

8. Additional kings: This type of people takes additional even though there is no content in the paper.

9. Copy cats: These people write their answer sheet by copying from their nearby students. They are not worried whether it is correct or not.

10. Climax heroes: The character of this kind of people is interesting. They will write nothing until the last half an hour and fights with invigilator for extra time.

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