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10 Irritating Things in R.T.C Buses


Although passengers adjust and try to be adaptive to situations there are few things in some buses that bring everyone’s patience to it’s throttled position,

Here are some Personal Experienced Frustrations.

1. That Moment when conductor asks for extra change ,
he just wants to knock u out if u don’t have . similarly if he has to return the change he just departs conventionally saying some other time and we have to accept.

2.That moment when u are standing,leaning to a seat and people sitting over leisurely wants u to move away from there. They want royalty seating postures as if it was brought from their lawn.

3.After a long time standing journey when u finally see a place to sit while people get down at a stop and try to reach the seat, some random person argues with u that he reserved it first with the bloody f****** hankie or bag.

4.That moment when u finally sit and your seat companion makes u sit congested being so Royally gestured, sometimes leaning his head over your shoulder when he falls asleep.




5.That bloody moment when u sit randomly after a long standing journey and some girl leisurely comes and demands u to get the hell out of the seat reminding ladies reservation seats.
It would be better if such reservation was based on age rather than gender.

6.Even though there are no ladies to sit beside her , she just demands and jerks off Gents to not sit beside her cause it’s for ladies.
What the heck is going on , what kind of psychopathy discriminate reservation is this?

7.That sudden plunges during the acceleration at initial pick-ups and also the old impaired internal features, seats,windows and bolts shattering making horrible noise.

8.That moment when u want to rest because of exhausted daily routine and some creep puts on a bloody noisy track in a horrible audible frequency of china-mobiles,
Also by people who answers calls louder and tickling range in ears to reach over the noisy error of signals and make it audible to receiver.

9.That awkward moment when u are having a personal chat or messaging with your personal friend and people beside and behind u peep over the conversation as if a block buster movie or a hot romantic scene is playing on to be gazed.

10.That frustrated moment when the driver refuses to halt for u to get down at your stop and skips of to merely long distance for u to reach.

These are the most Irritating Things one just counter in a daily routine in cities and States.

We must be biased and flexible sometimes, of course patience and self control matters for a happy life.

Better be Adaptive.

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