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10 Childhood cricket rules

  Cricket is most played game among youngsters . There are many rules children apply while playing their games. Let us talk about 10 childhood cricket rules mostly used.

Rules in our childhood while playing were mostly said by team captain

And the captain will be the most strongest or loved one among children.

10 Childhood rules of cricket are

1. Your bowling will be cancelled if you throw 3 wide in line

2. One Tap catch out and also direct catch out

3. Any of opposite team member should be keeping

4. If there is any extra player he is joker ( Two teams member)

5. Winners to bat first




6. If the bowling is much speed then it is not out

7. You will be given out if you miss 3 balls in line

8. If ball misses or falls in other house batting person should bring the ball

9. If balls falls in some one’s house then it is given out

10. Empires decision is not final until team members accept it

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