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10 Best Websites For School And Inter-School Education

Websites for Education

With the digital revolution that took place in India in recent times, people are using smartphones to connect to the internet to get information and get their queries answered. But there is a little confusion to the address one has to visit to satisfy their educational needs. All websites do not have standard information and though there is genuine information the scope is limited. In this article, the top websites for e-learning in India are specified. This article discusses websites which provide a wide range of information i.e general knowledge, queries etc… not just limited to prep courses for entrance examinations.

1. This website provides a wide range of information. If you have any queries about loans and scholarships. You can visit

2. This website provides a variety of courses for competitive exams and for professional students. This website boasts genuine information. It is specifically designed for serious prep not for fun education.

3. This website provides general purpose information and much more. It covers wide range of content.

4. It has been providing information since 1999. It provides information about various colleges, schools, universities. Queries are answered here.

5. This website provides career guidance. It has online aptitude tests. This website helps a lot to choose your career path. This website has counselors who are very helpful and intuitive. If you have any career related queries get your solution here. If you want select your college search their extensive libraries and find out the best college that suits you.

6. For any MBA related queries visit this website. This website has all the information about MBA colleges in India whether they may be online or offline. You can choose the discipline in MBA suitable to you in this website. This website boasts genuine information.

7. 24* this website is best suited for students who are very serious about their career (not much fun part in this). This website is updated on regular basis. So, this website is one of the best sites for prep courses. You can also get your queries answered here.

8. parents, teachers, students, enthusiasts all kinds of people are benefitted from this website. You can create a blog of your own and post your content thereby increasing your writing skills. You can awaken your creativity and stay intuitive all the time. Besides providing career guidance this website also sells books and other stuff.

9. this website was founded in 2002. It is known for MBA. It is one of the best websites for you if you are interested in pursuing MBA. It provides tests, quizzes and all the information required to get into an MBA college. You can get your queries about MBA answered from this website. You can also choose the discipline based on your opinion. It also provides career guidance.

10. As the website domain (name) implies it provides information about the admissions in different institutions in india. It covers large number of colleges. This website also provides information about the stream, reviews etc… you can assume a college based on the information provided here. This website covers all bachelor courses, master courses and phds in engineering,mba,fashion technologies and individual subjects like mathematics, physics etc… this website boasts genuine information.

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